Why should we care about orangutans? There are many reasons why we must save these extraordinary creatures, our closest relatives.

Orangutans, the largest arboreal mammal on earth, the only great ape species native to Asia, and the proud owners of the world’s most glamorous red hair, offer humans unique insight into our own origins. Just like us, they feel, they communicate, and they play. Looking at orangutans is like looking in a mirror; albeit, with a slightly hairier reflection.
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Why Orangutans Matter?

There are good reasons to save orangutans, not least of which is the fact that they share 97% of our DNA


Orangutan Habitat

Orangutans live in a habitat that is known to be one of the most demanding on earth: tropical rainforest


Threats To Orangutans

Orangutans, and all rainforest life, now face extinction. The story is complex, the many drivers of deforestation are many.


Orangutan Faqs

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