Conservations Day

World Environmental Day 2024

Protect Orangutans and Their Homes

There are many reasons why we must save these extraordinary creatures, our closest relatives.

Journey to Freedom

12 Orangutans Find Their Wild Home


Preserve Orangutans and Their Borneo Habitats

RHOI (Restorasi Habitat Orangutan Indonesia) was established by the BOS Foundation on April 21, 2009 with the sole purpose of providing a permanent place of safety for wild, semi-wild, as wes as rehabilitated orangutans where they can live in freedom, eventually creating new, viable wild populations to safeguard the survival of this species.


10 Wild-Born Babies

Born in the Forest

130 Orangutans

Released in Safe Forests

86.593,65 hectares

Rainforest Under Our Care


The Largest Ape Conservation Program in The World

On the island of Borneo, we are currently running the largest primate conservation program in the world. Explore our project sites and learn more about how we are protecting the Bornean orangutan and its habitat.